More dynamics makes the music alive

The Hamburger Lokalradio broadcasts without any compression.
The dynamic - the difference between loud and low parts of the music - will be left in full range.
I made a setup for the transmitting limiter which will nearly not touch the music, so the signal comes in best quality to You, the listener.
For our high technical quality we became many commend from our listeners but also from musicans.

Maxidance is going one step beyond!
Pop and dance CDs are often much compressed. They are sounding worse, slusky and washy. The dynamic is crushed.

knobs of an dynamic expander So I put in my radioprogram a lillte bit more of dynamics to the music.

display of a dynamic expander After the dynamic expansion the music will sound much more alive with more brilliance and it makes much more punch.
The Hamburger Lokalradio is broadcasting without any compressor so the whole dynamics and the best technical quality will come to You, the listener.

You get it all

Analoge FM radio sounds good 2 U. Just listen to it. Every second sunday in the month at 10 pm - Maxidance.

greetings Peter Schütt

dbx 3bx Dynamic Range Expander

The dbx 3bx was the first dynamic range expander. It also was prior in use at the disco Trinity in Hamburg, Gemany and was part of the legendary RLA Richard Long and Associates sound system and part of the richard long sound.
There are also models dbx 1bx, 2bx, 3bx, 4bx, 5bx with 1 to 5 bands, some models with the impact recovery function.

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